Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Best Face Firming Ingredients In Skincare

As a beauty blogger I've often received emails concerning the best products for firming skin.   I always advocate wearing SPF, since over exposure to the sun breaks down collagen as well as other premature aging catalysts.  Staying moisturized, both internally and externally, is another must for keeping skin hydrated and dewy and preventing winkling.  When it comes to skincare, I found there are ingredients that provide both instant and long term benefits.

 DMAE,  Dimethylaminoethanol, has shown very promising research.  One study found DMAE to  increase dermal thickness and collagen fiber thickness when applied topically and another study found diminished wrinkles, sagging neck skin, under eye dark circles.  The over-all study concluded that DMAE increases skin firmness and improves muscle tone.

  What to look for in a good DMAE skincare product?

 The studies that were conducted used a product 3 to 5%  DMAE

DMAE Fluid by Reviva Labs contains 5% DMAE

Reviva Labs DMAE fluid contains high-potency 5% DMAE.    A simple, inexpensive product that makes all the difference. The benefits are immediate as well as long term.  Skin is immediately tightened, dark circles and bags noticeably diminished.  The fluid absorbs quickly into the skin and is easy to incorporate into any skincare routine. What about elastin in skincare? Like collagen your skin contains elastin.  The difference is in the protein as well as the actual function, collagen necessary for skin firmness and elastin for skin's bounce or elasticity.  After the ripe old age of 25 you're skin starts to lose elastin.  While many debate the efficacy of elastin in skincare, Reviva Labs carries a very promising product.

High Potency Elastin Serum by Reviva Labs contains a high concentration of elastin 

Like the DMAE Firming Fluid, the High Potency Elastin Serum provides instant and long term skin benefits. Goes to work immediately to tighten skin.  Really packs a punch when combined with the DMAE serum.  Especially in the throat area. Two serious products that really do work to firm the skin.

 Learn more:

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  1. Entered the wrong info in previous comment! Yes, I have used Reviva Labs products for many years! They work!

  2. I like that DMAE tightens the skin and I really need that around the jaw line where I'm seeing some sagging.


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