Sunday, December 18, 2011

Best Beauty Gadgets

I'm a beauty junkie and as such I tend to hoard any product related to beauty.  Most of the stuff: that appeared so right at the time of purchase, ends up collecting dust until I come to terms with the fact that I will never use the product.   It's not easy to come to terms with the fact that I really just threw money down the drain. 

Throughout it all every now and then I do find a shade of lipstick that I love, or mascara that doesn''t burn my eyes and every so often I may even discover a high-end gadget that delivers results.  This doesn't happen very often, but when it does happen I'm always elated because my purchase was not only worth while, but it proved to be an wise investment.

Such is the case with the Nutra Sonic by Nutra Luxe and the ageLOC Galvanic Spa by Nu Skin.

Nutra Sonic Companion

 I've evaluated other sonic cleansers and at the end of the day I feel Nutra Sonic Companion the best and the price is great.  The main difference is that the full brush oscillates as opposed to just the center.  This means that it doesn't take quite as long to clean your entire face as other sonic cleansers.  The brush is soft and actually feels really good against the skin.  Visit this link to see full review.

ageLOC Galvanic Spa by Nu Skin

The ageLOC Galvanic Spa is a must have for those of us who refuse to age past the age of 18.  Only nine minutes twice a week is all it takes to keep your skin glowing.  Basically this is a spa service that retails between $75 to two hundred per treatment.  Can you imagine how costly that could get?   The ageLOC Galvanic delivers spa quality results, this is why this is worthy investment.  To learn more visit my full review here.


Best Flat Irons

With so many awesome flat Irons on the market I don't think it would be possible to pick a 'best'. There are quite a few that are exceptional such as the ones pictured above.  You can find all of these at Flat Iron Experts.  They simply have the monopoly when it comes to carrying the largest selection of the best and highly rated flat irons.  Their prices are fantastic and all their flat irons come with warranties.  If you were to find a cheaper flat iron or hair tool, Flat Iron Experts will not only match the price, but add an additional 5% off that price.

I am currently using the Avanti Wet-dry flat iron from Flat Iron Experts and I love the salon-like results.  To learn more visit this link.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smushees like walking on air


I received a pair of Smushies to review.   I was sent the thong style and because I can't stand anything between my toes I gave these to a friend.  Here is what she had to say:

Smushees thong style

"I love these, it's like walking on air!"

..and she has been wearing these continually for the past three months.

These highly comfortable shoes are brought to us by Grando Corporation, you may be familiar with their other products such as Smartdogs and Hush Puppies.   

Smushees slide style

Smushies are designed to mold to your foot and the sole is supportive yet "featherweight", so it's no surprise that my friend described these as walking on air.  

Smushees come in six different colors and are ideal for both outdoors as well as indoors.

To learn more or to find out where to purchase visit

Lipton Publicity provided me with Smushees and I was under no obligation to review the product.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dr. Scholl's is making heels a bit more bearable

Manolo Blahnik - Risp Knotted Peep-Toe Pumps

There is nothing like a nice pair of heels, they create height and give you a great silhouette. Unfortunately they're not exactly comfortable. Many women sacrifice comfort for aesthetics and are most likely creating future back and knee problems.

If you're one of those many women who love to wear heels you will surely appreciate Dr. Scholl's new insoles for high heels.

  • Helps prevent foot aches and pains caused by high heels 2" and up

  • Unique ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off ball of foot

  • Provides guaranteed all day comfort

  • Discreet cushioning, even in strappy shoes

  • Massaging gel in the ball of foot for added cushioning

  • Ultra-slim design won't crowd toes or make shoes feel tight

  • Fits comfortably in all high heels 2" and up

  • I tend to carry my weight on the ball of my feet and these help alleviate the pressure by providing a little extra support. This makes heels; which I hate, a little more tolerable.

    If you must wear high heels I would personally recommend Dr. Scholl's High Heel Insoles. Any relief you can get is a good thing.

    This product was provided by BzzAgent and I was under no obligation to write a review.  

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Reviva Labs Organic Cleanser; natural and effective

    There are very few face cleansers on the market that I actually like or would recommend.  Part of the problems is that I hate chemicals in my products, who doesn't right? I also prefer vegan and cruelty free products.

      Another problem is that these days the only makeup I seem to be wearing; other than lip tint, is concealer.  I have bad dark circles and I use thick concealer all around my eyes, even in the corners. So it is important that my cleanser be non-irritating as well as effective.

     Not an easy feat since one quality seems cancels out the other.  Up until now I have only found two cleansers on the market that I really like, however, I'm not certain of the ingredients and both are pretty costly.

    My newest discovery is the Reviva Labs Organic Cleansing Milk.  No junk ingredients and it's  vegetarian-friendly.  Most importantly this cleanser works amazingly well at removing makeup.  I use this to effectively remover concealer without irritating or burning my eyes.  I was actually afraid that the botanical oils would irritate my eyes, so I'm thrilled that this wasn't the case.

    The price is great, and you  don't need a lot of the product because a little goes a long way.  A definite five stars!

    You can purchase this at Reviva Labs for only $9.50.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Emjoi Micro-Pedi; for smooth youthful feet

    As a little girl I use to wonder why my mom's feet were so abnormal.  Her feet were rough, callused and quite different from my soft, smooth little feet.  As an adult I have inherited my mom's rough, callused feet.    So I'm grateful for the product I'm about to introduce.

    The Micro-Pedi by Emjoi just gave me back my childhood feet.  For those of you; like myself, that have spent money on loofahs, pumice stones and any other wonder product that failed, you can now rejoice because Micro-Pedi works wonders and is a joy to use.

    Why so effective?  The Micro-Pedi offers two rollers; coarse and extra coarse, that spin at thirty times a second.  I used the coarse roller and it was amazing how much dead skin came flying off my heels,  side of my big toe and the pad of my feet. You will need to vacuum after your done using your Micro-Pedi or you could use this outside.

    I love this a lot, it was fun to use and in no time my feet were transformed to the feet I had as a child.  That was no easy feat; no pun intended.

    Visit where you can purchase the Micro-Pedi for only $39.99.  In September the Micro-Pedi will be available in various stores such as Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply.

    Lipton Publicity provided me with the Micro-Pedi and I was under no obligation to review the product.

    Sunday, July 3, 2011

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Stylish sun protection

    Dorfman Pacific has been in the head wear business for almost a century.  Since their early beginnings they have grown to include an extensive line of handbags and accessories and are now one of the largest head wear companies in the world.

    Dorfman Pacific is introducing a new line hats designed to protect you from the sun's harmful rays.  These hats offer a Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50 which is the highest rating for protective fabric.

    Stylish sun protection.  I like that they are light weight and fold easily without wrinkling   The fabric bounces back into shape, thus making them ideal for packing. I also like the idea of having one with me at all times during the summer.

    For more information visit 

    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    Stay Dry with Marika

    I haven't been to the gym in eight months, but I do try to workout at least three times a week.  My former self, however, was a dynamo at the gym.  I use to take spinning, kickboxing, palates, zumba, and  so much more.

    At that time I would of really appreciated Marika's new Tek line of active wear. This line is designed with the latest technology to effectively wick away moisture, thus keeping you dry during the toughest workouts. Not to mention outdoor sports, if you ever cycled in the summer you know it can get pretty sticky to say the least.

    I love Marika, see my review of their sports bra.  I recently received the short sleeve V-Neck Dry Wik Tee for review and the material is very soft and silky. Very comfortable and the fit is flattering.  Marika is noted for aesthetically pleasing, flattering apparel.  I will most likely wear this tee quite a bit, sans the workout;)

    Marika offers competitive prices, however, the only downside I can see is that Marika Tek is only available on Marika's website.

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    Natureluxe by Covergirl; My Review

    Being the beauty junkie that I am, I signed up for BzzAgent .  I now have the opportunity to review various products.

    My first product is Covergirl Natureluxe.  OK, now most of you know that I am a vegan and I'm all about not testing on animals, thus I had some reservations for this promotion.  After All Covergirl is owned by Proctor & Gamble, and even though Proctor & Gamble claim to be making strides to abolish animal testing it is still done.

    Proctor and Gamble claims that animal testing is done as a last resort and performed humanely. Now of course I have come across sites on the Internet that beg to differ. That is, however, their claim.  Ellen Degeneres; animal activist, is said to have done research on the company before signing on as a spokesperson.

    After speaking with a customer representative at Covergirl, sadly Natureluxe is most likely not vegan

    Well, on with my review...

    Covergirls Natureluxe boast natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, rosehip extracts, cucumber water, mango and shea butter.  The foundations is very sheer and light.  I never wear straight foundation, but rather I mixed a little foundation with moisturizer and it blended perfectly. The color I received; #330 Chamois, matched perfectly with my skin tone.    I like the sheerness and easy blend-ability of this product.

    I also tried the Gloss Balm in cinnamon.  This provides a nice sheer color with and SPF of 10.  I also like to use this on my cheeks, for a blush-like effect.

    Here are some interesting facts regarding Covergirl's Natureluxe line:

     3 out of 4 professional make-up artists would recommend the new
    COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Collection to their clients
    • 8 out of 10 professional make-up artists agree NatureLuxe Silk Foundation
    provides flawless coverage and a light, luxurious feel
    • 9 out of 10 make-up artists would recommend NatureLuxe Gloss Balm to
    clients for a sheer color with a non-sticky, lightweight feel

    Did I like the products? yes I did.  Will I buy the products? no I won't.  I personally feel that there are too many viable vegan alternatives out there that are just as good.   I look forward to continuing to present folks to vegan/cruelty free products in the future.

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Stay Comfortable this Summer with Kushyfoot

    I am all about comfort when it comes to footwear. It is so important to me that my feet are comfortable.
    Since discovering Kushyfoot I have been hooked on their comfort hosiery. See my first review.

     Kushyfoot is designed using the principle of reflexology.  This hosiery not only offers foot support, but with each step your foot is getting a tiny massage.

    This winter I lived in their tights and lately; with the warmer weather, I have been wearing their foot covers .  These are a must-have for heel wearers, however, I wear them with flats.  Like I said, I'm all about comfort.

    Kushyfoot has some really cute new items for summer.

    Flats to Go in Grey

    Flats to Go are fantastic! they fit in you bag for easy access.  Kushyfoot also has polka dot flats for summer that are positively adorable.


    Microfiber Crew

    Microfiber Crew comes in both white and black.  I personally like these with trousers.

    You can also find Lace Foot Covers in ivory and peach which are very pretty and practical.  All of these item are very affordable. Practicality and affordability, now that's what I love.

     You can purchase Kusyfoot on their website or you can find them at Kroger, Walgreens, Giant, Rite Aid and more.

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    AVANTI Ultra Flat Iron Smooths My Frizzy Hair

    I never quite appreciated the difference a good flat iron makes until  a couple months ago when I received an Avanti Wet-Dry Nano-Titanium Digital Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts. Read full review.  My previous flat iron wasn't exactly a piece of junk, but it simply did not deliver the salon quality results that I am able to achieve with my new flat iron and all within a few minutes.

    The special technology behind the Avanti Ultra protects your hair from the damaging heat, this explains why my hair looks healthier since I have been using the Avanti.  Some of the many features of the Avanti Ultra include:

    •Advanced digital displays and controls
    •High heat (up to 450° F (230° C) dries and styles hair SUPER QUICKLY!
    •Far-infrared heat and millions of negative ions minimize damage to hair while conditioning it. .  
    •Nano-titanium in the plates is an exceptional conductor of heat and maintains stability at ultra-high temperatures. Nano-titanium emits negative ions in their most beneficial form and yields far-infrared heat for faster straightening and protection from damage.
    •Nano-silver infused in the housing and plates combats germs and is effective in conditioning the hair.  
    •2 year limited warranty

    This ion technology is actually safeguarding your hair from damage. Your not going to find this technology at you local Walmart or drugstore. I also never realized that many irons on the market claim to be “Ceramic” or “Tourmaline" are in reality made with aluminum plates coated with regular paint. Can you imagine?

    With that said, I purchased my previous flat iron at Ulta and I'm sure it's considered a high-end iron, however,  it doesn't posses this advanced technology.  The difference is staggering.  In just a few minutes I look as if I stepped out of a salon where I spent an hour having my hair blown dry and then meticulously ironed.

    I really love this flat iron, the wet to dry feature is really just the icing on the cake. 

    Flat Iron Experts does have the best selection of the professional flat irons at discounted prices. They guarantee the lowest price and offer a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee, as well as free shipping on orders over 75 dollars.

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    FRAAS 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

    Fraas is an international company that has been in business of making fine quality scarves for over a century; 130 years to be exact. They are constantly developing and discovering new material as well as cutting edge technology that enables them to continually bring consumers top of the line quality. Their name and their reputation is trusted and they are without a doubt the leaders in their industry.

    One thing I appreciate about Fraas is that they also carry affordable scarves. The quality of these scarves is so superior that the prices are deceptive. This is why I feel they are ideal gifts, they look like you spent a lot when ya didn't, if ya know what I'm sayin?

    I received a turquoise wrap from their 2011 Spring/Summer collection and it's simply stunning. The wrap is lightweight and feels very silky.

    Colors for spring

    I love the practicality of wraps and this lovely wrap by Fraas will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe this season.

    You can find Fraas at fine department stores,  from time to time on HSN and of course online at

    Please not I was provided with a Frass Wrap for review via Lipton Publishing, however, the thoughts expressed all all mine.


    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    Hairdo by HairUWear Review

    When I was younger I had a friend that had the most beautiful head of hair. Regardless of what color she chose for that month; red, blond, brunette, etc., her hair always looked amazing. Even when her hair was over processed and damaged it still managed to looked thick and luxurious.

    In my quest for the same luxurious hair I became obsessed with extensions, pieces and so forth.

    My hair is far healthier now than in my teen years so for the last couple years my love for fake hair has kinda cooled off a bit, however, perhaps due to the approaching of spring I have recently rekindled this love and obsession.

    My renewed obsession has led me to Hairuwear.  I feel HairUWear really has the monopoly in this industry. Founded in 1996, Hairuwear utilizes the latest technology used for alternative hair. They are also the innovators behind the cutting edge technology of Great Lengths USA; considered the Rolls Royce of hair extensions with a vast celebrity clientele. Their products also include:

    Raquel Welch wig collection
    hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves
    Great Lengths USA
    Gabor wig collection
    POP: Put On Pieces
    American Hairlines

    Inspired by Angela's review; from Mommy PR, on Hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves, I knew I had to try these for myself.

    I received the 21" Hairdo human hair extension and all I can say is WOW, I love this piece!

    I remember having human hair extensions manually sewn into my hair. Even though I knew the best places to get discounted quality hair, it was still an expense of well over two hundred dollars. They really only looked good for a month and then needed to be adjusted.  The truth is I could never get more than a two months out of those extensions, and my hair was always left badly damaged.

    As much as I would love Great Lengths they are just way out of my budget. Fortunately  I find this HairDo piece is a great alternative because it reminds me of really good hair extensions.     This is also why I consider this to be a wise investment.  Just an incredible value.

    This award winning clip-in hair extension is made with 100% fine human hair, is light weight, and has multidimensional colors for easy blending. The hair can also be professionally colored as well as heat styled. It looks more natural in person than in photos which is a definite plus.

    I have a small head and I found that most wigs are too big for my head.  Even though this is not a full wig I still have to wear it up a little higher on my head. I find that with strategic hair blending, a bobby pin, and hair spray I am able to completely camouflage the demarcation. It takes all but five minutes and looks completely natural. With that said, this piece may not work so well if you have small head and a receding hairline.

    I personally really love this piece, I am tempted to wear it all the time.   Visit HairUWear  to find a local establishment that carries Hairdo.  You can also find this same piece on sale online .

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding how to care for this piece.

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    Mineral Makeup by Monavé

    I just recently discovered a new makeup line that I am thrilled about.

    Mineral makeup by Manove is a sensational line of cosmetics that are not only completely devoid of harmful ingredients, but rather these cosmetics consist of whole, organic botanical ingredients. All these products are gluten free, as well as 95% vegan; some products contain beeswax obtained from ethical bee farmers, and absolutely no animal testing.

    The founder and president of Monave; Deborah Bilezikian, standards are very high. Deborah recognized that not all minerals are created equal, so she thus uses only those that are completely healthy and beneficial to the skin.

    Deborah Bilezikian, Founder and President of Monave

    I never like the idea wearing conventional lipsticks so for the longest time I searched for effective, vegan lipsticks. Monave definitely delivers with an amazing line of lipsticks and glosses that are made from whole plant materials as opposed to just solvent-extracts which is common in traditional lipsticks.  

    The lipsticks are completely edible. I can now have piece of mind knowing that I'm not taking in any potentially harmful or nasty ingredients. The colors are flattering on any skin tone. You would naturally expect to pay more for high quality products, however, Monave products are very reasonable and won't break your budget.

    The Lipstick and Lip Tints have excellent staying power.  Perhaps not quite as long as some of the long wearing lipsticks on the market, but long enough and I was pleasantly surprised that they held up after eating and drinking.  Neither dried out my lips and I absolutely love the colors!

    I am thrilled to to have found Monave. To learn more or to make a purchase visit

    Deborah has kindly offered to give one of my readers their choice of lip product and color.

    Editor's Pick

    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    ageLOC Galvanic Spa by Nu Skin Review

    What if you could take years off your face or perhaps get rid of acne, or grow thicker hair, what about improve the appearance of cellulite, all without surgery and in the comfort of your own home?

    This may sound too good to be true, however, I discovered a device that makes this possible.

    The ageLOC Galvanic Spa by Nu Skin doest it all! using the same technology; iontopheresis, that has been used in professional spas and salons for decades.

    The first step uses the negatively charged Pre-Treat Gel which binds to impurities, softens and relaxes pores allowing them to breathe and dissolves excess facial oils. The positively charged ageLOC Treatment Gel draws out impurities targeted in the pretreat step, facilitates recovery from stress, enhances hydration and targets the ultimate sources of aging to help preserve the look of youth and reduce the overall appearance of aging.

    If your still  thinking that this sounds to good to be true, here are some interesting facts that may change your mind.  Nu Skin Enterprises, ink. utilizes the leading anti-aging researchers,  with over thirty years of research and clinical studies to back up their claims, Nu Skin technology is tried and true.

    With their advanced understanding of what causes skin to age these leading scientist work to combat aging at its source.

    Youth Gene Clusters are the genes associated with youthful skin attributes.
    The science behind ageLoc enables these genes to behave as they
    did in youth. 

    Here are some proven benefits of ageLoc Galvantic Spa:

    Rejuvenate your complexion for younger looking skin 
    Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    Smooth the appearance of cellulite for a firmer, more toned body
    Revitalize your scalp for healthy, abundant looking hair with Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment


    Results after one month

    As you can see the results are remarkable, and they are also cumulative. I noticed positive results in my appearance after the third treatment.  After this winters binge fest my next goal is to reduce any new found cellulite.

    The only downside I can see is the cost of the facial gels.  The Nu Skin facial gels work in harmony with the galvanic technology and can cost  anywhere from 30 to 40 dollars a month, however, with some digging I found a place in Canada that sells comparable face gels that are a little cheaper and vegan.

    With that said even if you were to buy the Nu Skin face gels, the Galvanic would still be a good investment when you consider that this same technology used in spas will run you anywhere from $100 to $250 per treatment. .

    The Galvanic comes with a instructional video that is instrumental at acquainting you with how it's used as well as the different techniques.  It may appear overwhelming, but it's actually quite simple to use. The face treatments take nine minutes 2 to 3 times a week, and the body treatments are done twice a day two times a week.   I also found some video demonstrations on YouTube that may also help you to achieve optimal results.

    I am completely sold on this, I am really seeing results. You can purchase ageLoc Galvanic Spa at Nu .  Nu Skin products are also sold through independent distributors.  You may also find the Galvanic Spa at Amazon at a discounted price, just be careful that the seller is reputable.

    Visit this link for more info


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    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Avanti WD-AVCROC at Flat Iron Experts- Review

    Flat Iron Experts has a large selection of flat irons at discounted prices.  I had the opportunity to try the one of their best sellers the  Avanti Wet-Dry Nano-Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron.  

    My hair is more frizzy than curly, this is why I prefer to wear my hair straight.  Naturally I have a history with flat irons, however, I never had a flat iron give me salon quality results like I received with the Avanti WD-AVCROC . 

    The Avanti WD-AVCROC is constructed with the latest technology and the results will give you optimal straightening while protected your hair.  This advanced technology enables you to use this on wet hair without damaging your hair.   Some other benefits are:

    Preserve more moisture within the hair shaft
    Eliminates frizz and close the cuticle to create smooth and shiny hair
    Causes less damage to the hair cuticle during styling

    The lightweight of this flat iron; 0.88 lbs, along with the perfect sized plates;  make this ideal for efficient straightening and styling.  The Adjustable Digital Temperature gives you complete control of the temperature. Even though this heats up to 450 degrees I set the temperature to 330, I love that it heats up quickly and I am thrilled with the results!  By far the best flat iron I have ever used.

    To learn more and purchase the Avanti WD-AVCROC  visit Flat Iron Experts.  They offer a 2 year limited warranty and offer a 1 Month 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.


    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    L'uvalla Organic Skincare Review

    Skin is actually the largest organ in our body.  The various skin/personal care products we use daily penetrate the skin and end up in our bloodstream.  Sadly most of the products on the market contain harmful ingredients, and the conglomerates behind these products have not exactly been forthcoming or honest when it comes to just how detrimental these ingredients can be, after all,  this is a huge money-making industry that would lose quite a bit.

    L'uvalla is a company that stands in stark contrast.   Their company stemmed out of an outrage over over the lack of regulation in this industry including products claiming to be 'natural' and 'organic'.  L'uvalla also had a desire provide authentic, natural, organic products that would be effective and environmentally friendly.

    Jorja Fox; Actress
     “L’uvalla products are the products I've always been looking for. They're organic, vegan and environmentally sound. And they do beautiful things for your skin and your self esteem. Congrats L’uvalla!”

    L'uvalla standards are very high, their products are not only approved by  COSMEBIO , they are the first to be 100% natural.     All of L'uvalla products are also certified organic.   I love that their products are completely cruelty free and vegan.  Absolutely no animal testing!

    The ingredients in L'uvalla products all come from nature and are perfectly formulated to help you achieve beautiful healthy skin.

    Lotus Flower Extract

    Lotus Flower Extact is a  "powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but also strong purifying and protective virtues which soften your skin and protect it from the harmful effects of UV rays."

    Argan Tree
    Argan Oil is another key ingredient with a list of very impressive benefits that include:

    •Boosts your natural collagen production, strengthening elasticity
    •Protects your cell integrity by neutralizing free radicals
    •Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars
    •Restores the water lipid layer of your skin providing extreme hydration
    •Prevents damage from dryness, alleviates chapping, cracking and roughness
    •Protects your skin from environmental factors and enhances your skin’s natural defenses against harmful UV rays, wind, stress, and aging
    •Rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin at the cellular level, stimulating cell oxygenation
    •Effectively cleanses acne-prone skin without clogging pores and without causing flakiness or redness
    •Improves circulation, slowing the aging process
    •Reduces inflammation, calms and repairs problem skin, including psoriasis and eczema
    •Easily absorbed by your skin leaving no greasy residue
    •Renews and refreshes dull skin providing a youthful, radiant glow
    •Improves your skin’s overall health and vitality

    I just recently started using L'uvalla products, however, as a skincare junkie I know a gem when I find one.  These products are wonderful and in a class by themselves.  The benefits of these products surpass just beautifying your skin. Because L'uvalla products contain therapeutic grade essential oils you are also receiving the benefits of Aromatherapy.  I absolutely love using these products!

    You can find and purchase all of these amazing  products on L'uvalla's Website, or you can use their Store Locator to find a local distributor.

    Best price on L'uvalla Skincare

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