Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Juil Shoes; Next Best Thing To Going Barefoot

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It was only a couple years ago that Juil introduced their rather unique footwear to the public.  Not you ordinary shoe.  Not only does Juil offer top-notch comfort, these shoes actually offer something even more special.  Because Juil incorporates the concept of grounding into their shoes, they are in effect the next best thing to going barefoot.

The expert team behind Juil footwear sought to make a shoe that would be as comfortable as going barefoot as well as offer the same health benefits by way of earthing, or grounding.  The theory behind earthing; simply having the earth beneath our feet,  is that it restores our bodies natural balance and as such staves off, and alleviates,  various health miladies.  Many have even reported being free of pain when earthing or wearing Juil shoes.

I'm barefoot quite a bit in the summer.  I've noticed throughout the years that there is a drastic improvement in my health in the summer.  I'm sure there are other factors to summer-time improved health, such as sun, fresh air and so forth, but there is no doubt that earthing plays a big role. Controlled clinical studies have shown positive benefits to earthing.  Unfortunately being barefoot isn't always practical.   This is why we all could benefit from Juil's unique technology that uses copper to act as conduits in order to provide the wearer with connectivity to the earth.

Juil's fall lineup include the Holland & Copenhagen

I received Juil's Copenhagen, which are a high-quality leather clog to review, and I'm am beyond thrilled with the comfort as well as the aesthetics of the shoe.  I have reviewed several high-end comfort shoes on my site that I really like, but these are my favorite.   The fit, comfort, I love everything about these shoes and I couldn't recommend them enough.  There's no doubt that the team behind Juil really delivered a remarkable shoe.      Please see full review here.  

To learn even more about these amazing shoes visit Juil's website at juil.com

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Stuck On You Giveaway-4 Winners

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