Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jord's Cutting Edge Wooden Watches

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I've probably have never worn a watch in my life.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate seeing a smart watch on someone else.  For me, however,  it's just one more thing for me to add to my list to ready myself for the day.  Earrings are my sole jewelry, and that's mainly because half the time I don't even bother to brush my hair, I just put it up in a pony tail. Yet, I realize the import of presenting a pulled together appearance to the world.  This is why I'm always reluctant to meet new people or I'm  ducking and hiding when I think I see someone I may know.

 Sometimes just adding a few essentials is all that is needed to shine. Watches are one of those pieces that accomplish that nicely.

Jord; the eco-friendly watch never looked so good

 Jord carries an exceptional selection of eco-friendly watches that actually look like a million bucks.  I say "actually" because many of us don't think of green apparel or accessories as being terribly smart looking.  Although, as the demand for eco-friendly wearables grows greater, more companies are using ingenuity to successfully develop quality merchandise.  This is the case with Jord. their watches deliver in quality and craftsmanship.

Jord managed to successfully develop quality, eco-friendly watches that are on the cutting edge of fashion    

Simply by adding a smart looking watch to your person, will prove to be an effective way to garner a positive impression on others.  Jord offers a stunning selection of watches that can nicely accomplish this task.

for more info on these finely crafted watches visit woodwatches.com

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  1. i love the ely series -cherry its stylish but really modern an eye catching

  2. i like about this watch is that it's stylish and very unique in fashion. and also the fact that these watches are eco friendly which i have never seen in mylife. i love all eco friendly products.
    Era Light (Melissa George)

  3. There is an amazing craftsmanship that goes into these watches. I just read how many individual pieces of finished wood go into making the watch that we find so elegant.

  4. I love the watches made with the mahogany wood. I like that their wooden yet so dressy and different than your typical fake gold or silver band. These are really nice.

  5. very unusual but stylish
    joyful stamper (Karen M)

  6. I like the unique look of the Jord watches---definitely not likely that someone else I run into will have the same watch.

  7. They are very nice looking watches AND eco-friendly. I can feel good about wearing this watch!



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