Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glass Handbag; Exquisite Designer Bags With A Lighted Interior

We women have a lot on our plates these days and the last thing we need is to waste valuable time searching the deep abysses of our handbags.  So many contingencies from not being able to find our precious gear on time, holding up the line at the store to getting mugged. Yes, it's true, I always try to have my keys ready, but there are times when it completely slipped my mind and I'm left in the parking lot looking aimlessly for my car keys.  Not a good place to be from a safety perspective, especially at night.

This is why it is about time for a handbag with an interior light.  We owe our gratitude to Tamara Leuty the founder of Glass Handbag.

Of course, bringing this concept to fruition would take time and effort.      As you can see from the technology, the light is sleek, flat to be exact.  It runs on two triple A batteries that are tucked away discreetly.    The light is non-heat producing and designed to be effective in low light and dark conditions, and only comes on when the bag is opened.  It's designed to last like forever.  

Tamara spent sixteen years as a fashion photographer and has incorporated her love for fashion in the stylish collection of handbags.

You can't help but be awestruck with these stunning and fashion-forward designer bags, but unlike other bags in this genre, the added interior light really sets them apart.

A marriage of fashion and function.

Tear Drop Custom Red Leather Handbag offers a optional cross body shoulder strap

Interview with Tamara Leuty from FPR:

Tamara Leuty; founder of Glass Handbag

Me: How long have you been a fashion photographer?

Tamara: 16 years

Me: When did you have the eureka moment and when did you realize that this needed to be materialized?

Tamera: I had some downtime from my photography, and just thought I would research the idea in 2010 and I never stopped the process after that.

Me: Do you feel your job as a fashion photographer inspired or influenced the handbag designs?

Tamara: My work as a photographer is an creative outlet and it involves fashion and beauty, which I have always loved. So designing handbags is also a creative outlet where I can incorporate the photography and the whole visual package.

Me: I practice a vegan lifestyle most of the time, but I'm simply blown away by your leather bags, do you plan on coming out with a vegan line in the future?

Tamera: I currently sell a metal evening bag and have plans to expand the line to non-leather handbags, sports duffle collection, luggage, backpacks and totes...and a kid's line of bags in the works that are non-leather. Something for everyone, with good style of course.   

Thank you Tamara.

Exotic Snake Print Brown Leather Satchel

Move over Hermes, Louis and Prada because Glass Handbag has arrived!

Stay tuned to see Glass Handbag featured on TV and at the movies.. To learn more and to purchase these bags visit

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glass Handbag Offers Designer Handbags with Functionality

Glass Handbag offers the most stunning handbags! they're a fashionsta's dream yet they offer a modern convience that propels them from being just an ordinary designer handbag to one that offers function and practicality.

A handbag with lighted interior, how genius is that?!  The creative mind behind this patented feature is renowned fashion photographer Tamera Leuty.  Glass Handbag features on point and on trend designs that offer convenience. If you're one of those people that find yourself searching aimlessly in your bag one too many times then you will surely appreciate these stylish handbags.

To learn more visit

Wait there's more.  Myself and a few other bloggers will be hosting a Glass Handbag event and offering a giveaway of winner's choice of leather handbag from Glass Handbag.  A retail value up to $900!

This event will be on or around the 9/ stay tuned!!

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