Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FRAAS 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

Fraas is an international company that has been in business of making fine quality scarves for over a century; 130 years to be exact. They are constantly developing and discovering new material as well as cutting edge technology that enables them to continually bring consumers top of the line quality. Their name and their reputation is trusted and they are without a doubt the leaders in their industry.

One thing I appreciate about Fraas is that they also carry affordable scarves. The quality of these scarves is so superior that the prices are deceptive. This is why I feel they are ideal gifts, they look like you spent a lot when ya didn't, if ya know what I'm sayin?

I received a turquoise wrap from their 2011 Spring/Summer collection and it's simply stunning. The wrap is lightweight and feels very silky.

Colors for spring

I love the practicality of wraps and this lovely wrap by Fraas will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe this season.

You can find Fraas at fine department stores,  from time to time on HSN and of course online at

Please not I was provided with a Frass Wrap for review via Lipton Publishing, however, the thoughts expressed all all mine.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hairdo by HairUWear Review

When I was younger I had a friend that had the most beautiful head of hair. Regardless of what color she chose for that month; red, blond, brunette, etc., her hair always looked amazing. Even when her hair was over processed and damaged it still managed to looked thick and luxurious.

In my quest for the same luxurious hair I became obsessed with extensions, pieces and so forth.

My hair is far healthier now than in my teen years so for the last couple years my love for fake hair has kinda cooled off a bit, however, perhaps due to the approaching of spring I have recently rekindled this love and obsession.

My renewed obsession has led me to Hairuwear.  I feel HairUWear really has the monopoly in this industry. Founded in 1996, Hairuwear utilizes the latest technology used for alternative hair. They are also the innovators behind the cutting edge technology of Great Lengths USA; considered the Rolls Royce of hair extensions with a vast celebrity clientele. Their products also include:

Raquel Welch wig collection
hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves
Great Lengths USA
Gabor wig collection
POP: Put On Pieces
American Hairlines

Inspired by Angela's review; from Mommy PR, on Hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves, I knew I had to try these for myself.

I received the 21" Hairdo human hair extension and all I can say is WOW, I love this piece!

I remember having human hair extensions manually sewn into my hair. Even though I knew the best places to get discounted quality hair, it was still an expense of well over two hundred dollars. They really only looked good for a month and then needed to be adjusted.  The truth is I could never get more than a two months out of those extensions, and my hair was always left badly damaged.

As much as I would love Great Lengths they are just way out of my budget. Fortunately  I find this HairDo piece is a great alternative because it reminds me of really good hair extensions.     This is also why I consider this to be a wise investment.  Just an incredible value.

This award winning clip-in hair extension is made with 100% fine human hair, is light weight, and has multidimensional colors for easy blending. The hair can also be professionally colored as well as heat styled. It looks more natural in person than in photos which is a definite plus.

I have a small head and I found that most wigs are too big for my head.  Even though this is not a full wig I still have to wear it up a little higher on my head. I find that with strategic hair blending, a bobby pin, and hair spray I am able to completely camouflage the demarcation. It takes all but five minutes and looks completely natural. With that said, this piece may not work so well if you have small head and a receding hairline.

I personally really love this piece, I am tempted to wear it all the time.   Visit HairUWear  to find a local establishment that carries Hairdo.  You can also find this same piece on sale online .

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding how to care for this piece.
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