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Glycolic Acid: Effective For Wrinkles & Acne

Lessen Nasolabial Folds & Jowls With Three Simple Steps

Leave it to Reviva Labs to deliver products that kick aging in the butt. They recently introduced a new product that when used in conjunction with our tried and true faves, takes anti-aging to an even higher level.

First step: Prepare your skin for better product absorption 

Skin Energizing Gel by Reviva Labs

What I like about the Skin Energizing Gel is its tightening affect.  I always make sure that I apply it around my eyes to obliterate bags.  The main benefit, however, is that this works to enable better absorption of other products.  So if you're using skincare that is addressing a s pacific problem, such as wrinkles, this ensures that the product will be better absorbed into the skin.

Second step: Exfoliate & Renew

Reviva Glycolic Acid: Tried and true fave

Glycolic acid acts as a exfoliator in that is sloughs off dead skin.  This is effective for both anti-aging as well as problematic skin such as acne.   The Glycolic Acid Cream from Reviva Labs seems to be a fan favorite and always receives rave reviews.  As explained from Reviva: contains high potency polymers..similar to skin's natural structure. The result is better product absorption that rivals other leading and more expensive brands.

I just started using the 5% Glycolic Acid Cream a month ago.   There is a slight stinging sensation which is to be expected, since this contains exfoliating properties.   This is why Glycolic acid is perfect of reducing wrinkles as well as ridding acne.   This non-abrasive exfoliator  produces high cell turnover thus prevented clogged pores.  After a week of use my skin seemed more alive and radiant.   I'm happy with the results, but I'm also using another winning product in conjunction with the Glycolic Acid.

Third Step: Attack deep wrinkles   

Nasolabial Folds Multi-Peptide Cream 

  Last, but not least on the scene is the Nasolabial Fold Mult-Peptide Cream.  This is actually a new formulation.  What this does is work to restore youth to an aging face by increasing fat volume which is actually effective at lessening deep folds on the face.  For a complete review visit The Consumer Adviser. 

This three system regime really does pack a punch and it won't break your budget.

For more info visit revivalabs.com

You an also find Reviva on Amazon.com

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