Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quality Women's Apparel At The Best Discounted Prices

I can't afford to pay retail, but even if I could I wouldn't.  Why pay more when you don't have to?

After gaining a little weight; and when I say little I mean thirty pounds, I found myself in a position of needing a whole new wardrobe.  For three years I lived in denial and my mama's hand-me-downs. Thank you mom, but the time had come when I really needed to deal with the situation.  So two months ago I began the journey of buying clothing that actually fit me.  Things have changed since my little hiatus from the fashion world.  For starters, inflation.  Prices have really gone up in three years.  While prices have gone up, quality seems to have gone down.  Even in high-end department stores the quality of product appears to be compromised.

Despite these findings my journey of replacing my old wardrobe was quite successful.  I owe this to an eBay based business, Phoenix Trading Company .  The designers they feature offer high quality apparel, and the prices are unbeatable.   I have featured them in the past on The Consumer Adviser, so to keep it fresh here are a couple items I just received today.

I've had my eye on the Antthony California Lifestyle Side Snap pants since discovering them on HSN Fashion Clearance.  Unfortunately as with many, if not most clearance items, the sizes available are extreme.   Meaning if you are an average size you're out of luck.  That didn't stop me from casing HSN daily to see if a medium became available.   So I was thrilled when they were offered by PTC for far less than the HSN clearance price.  I love these so much! I will be getting another color fer sure.

The stunning mock neck top pictured above is labeled a "plush knit" and it's by Susan Graver.  It's a luxuriously beautiful top.  Both pieces look fantastic together and will look good separately.   The plush knit reminds me of cashmere, needless to say I will be buying more colors of this lovely top as well.

Phoenix Trading Company offers the best prices on top designers and has turned me back into a fashion diva.   You can also find top designer handbags as well as other items.

Other perks include; easy 30 day returns, great customer service, friendly feedback, combined shipping and the opportunity to win free apparel for all Facebook fans.  I'm happy to have discovered this company, the problem is, now I can't stop shopping.

Find Phoenix Trading Company Facebook 

Find beautiful handbags at PTC like this gorgeous hand-painted leather bag from Anuschka

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