Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smushees like walking on air


I received a pair of Smushies to review.   I was sent the thong style and because I can't stand anything between my toes I gave these to a friend.  Here is what she had to say:

Smushees thong style

"I love these, it's like walking on air!"

..and she has been wearing these continually for the past three months.

These highly comfortable shoes are brought to us by Grando Corporation, you may be familiar with their other products such as Smartdogs and Hush Puppies.   

Smushees slide style

Smushies are designed to mold to your foot and the sole is supportive yet "featherweight", so it's no surprise that my friend described these as walking on air.  

Smushees come in six different colors and are ideal for both outdoors as well as indoors.

To learn more or to find out where to purchase visit

Lipton Publicity provided me with Smushees and I was under no obligation to review the product.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dr. Scholl's is making heels a bit more bearable

Manolo Blahnik - Risp Knotted Peep-Toe Pumps

There is nothing like a nice pair of heels, they create height and give you a great silhouette. Unfortunately they're not exactly comfortable. Many women sacrifice comfort for aesthetics and are most likely creating future back and knee problems.

If you're one of those many women who love to wear heels you will surely appreciate Dr. Scholl's new insoles for high heels.

  • Helps prevent foot aches and pains caused by high heels 2" and up

  • Unique ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off ball of foot

  • Provides guaranteed all day comfort

  • Discreet cushioning, even in strappy shoes

  • Massaging gel in the ball of foot for added cushioning

  • Ultra-slim design won't crowd toes or make shoes feel tight

  • Fits comfortably in all high heels 2" and up

  • I tend to carry my weight on the ball of my feet and these help alleviate the pressure by providing a little extra support. This makes heels; which I hate, a little more tolerable.

    If you must wear high heels I would personally recommend Dr. Scholl's High Heel Insoles. Any relief you can get is a good thing.

    This product was provided by BzzAgent and I was under no obligation to write a review.  
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