Thursday, November 26, 2009

Best Mascara for dark circles

I have seen L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara being touted on different sites and i am by no means surprised.

I have never been a mascara person and i always enjoyed watching my friends insist that their mascara be applied before leaving the house. We all have our little routines in the morning but unlike my friends i never gave a hoot about mascara. Part of the reason was that i never really needed to enhance my lashes since my lashes were always pretty full. Another reason was that every mascara i ever tried; yes even the water proof, left smudges under my eyes that enhanced my dark under eye circles.

The past couple years my lashes lost some of there natural fullness and fortunately i managed to find a high end mascara that did not leave residue of any kind under my eyes and came off with only water. Because of the expense however i only wore this on special occasions.

This past year i discovered  L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara and i actually like this a great deal more than the expensive high end mascara that i had been using. It is the same technology only better. The base coat conditions and lengthens lashes, thus after you apply your mascara your lashes are long and thick. I love the effect on my lashes as much as i love the fact that i don't end up with raccoon eyes. I really enjoy applying this mascara and now i can honestly say i seldom leave home without putting it on my mascara.
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