Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kushyfoot; Foot Comfort

At one time in my life I actually enjoyed dancing in pumps. That is when I was in my teens. By the time I hit my twenties my pumps lasted the first song and then they were off to spend the rest of the night in a dark corner. I now only wear heels if I know I am going to be spending most of my time sitting.

Doris international; one of North America's finest hosiery manufacturer, produces a product called Kushfoot. Kushyfoot provides an innovative solution to foot comfort.

Reflexology experts designed Kushyfoot with the purpose of providing comfort as well as overall well being.

Here are some of their products:

Flats To Go; Sometimes we just need to get out of those uncomfortable heels. These are great! they come in their own little pouch that fits right in your hand bag for easy access. The 3-dimensional wavy sole cushions and massages your feet, is a nice added benefit to these flats.

Regular Foot Cover; These will certainly make your uncomfortable shoes more comfortable. I love that they provide cushion in the instep and heel. These are also very discreet and absolve the need for stockings.

Tights; I live in tights most of the year and these are fantastic! Again these have that great massaging sole for optimal comfort.

Kushfoot is so reasonably priced that you will be able to stock up on various styles and colors. Visit Kushyfoot's Website for more information.



  1. I love that their tights have massaging insoles!

  2. I love shoes that are comfortable and based on your review. I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing

  3. I know I can't wear the foot pads, but the tights look great

  4. I've seen those "Flats to Go" before, and I think that's a great idea! I live in heels, and sometimes I have to carry a "Backup" pair of shoes in the car. Problem solved!

  5. Oh! I need a pair of those "Flats to go!" and massaging? Woo that!


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