Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stay Dry with Marika

I haven't been to the gym in eight months, but I do try to workout at least three times a week.  My former self, however, was a dynamo at the gym.  I use to take spinning, kickboxing, palates, zumba, and  so much more.

At that time I would of really appreciated Marika's new Tek line of active wear. This line is designed with the latest technology to effectively wick away moisture, thus keeping you dry during the toughest workouts. Not to mention outdoor sports, if you ever cycled in the summer you know it can get pretty sticky to say the least.

I love Marika, see my review of their sports bra.  I recently received the short sleeve V-Neck Dry Wik Tee for review and the material is very soft and silky. Very comfortable and the fit is flattering.  Marika is noted for aesthetically pleasing, flattering apparel.  I will most likely wear this tee quite a bit, sans the workout;)

Marika offers competitive prices, however, the only downside I can see is that Marika Tek is only available on Marika's website.


  1. How much is it? Thanks for this recommendation though.

  2. oops I didn't realize the link was broken. Now you can see the prices.


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