Saturday, December 4, 2010

FRAAS The Scarf Company Review

I love scarves, I don't think it is humanly possible to have too many scarves.  My favorite fabric for scarves of course is cashmere.  As you well know Cashmere is not cheap.

FRAAS has been a trusted name in their industry for over a hundred years and noted for their beautiful selection of high quality scarves.  FRAAS, however,  desired to  make high-end scarves affordable, thus they are introducing  a line of scarves at the fraction of the price called Cashmink. As a matter of fact, Cashmink often gets mistaken for cashmere.
How do they do it? Well cashmink is made with a special and exclusive acrylic that is actually 20 percent finer than cashmere. 

I received a cashmink scarf for my review and if I hadn't known better I would of thought this to be cashmere.  I believe this scarf would fool anyone.  I like that the Cashmink label comes off easily, thus making this an ideal gift.



These are just a couple scarves from FRAAS beautiful Cashmink collection.   You can purchase these scarves on FRAAS Website as well as Dillards, Boscov's,, Bon-Ton and more.


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