Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shapercise Review; Time to get in shape

Winter- the time of year when my appetite is out of control. One year I hadn't even realized that thirty pounds had crept up on me; I was living in sweats and possibly denial. It wasn't until I attempted to put on my black pants and noticed I wasn't able to get them past my knees, that I had to come to the unpleasant reality that I had really let myself go this time.

Well here we go again, the end of December and I can barely concentrate knowing there are cookies in the house.

I grew up with a Grandmother who happens to be one of the greatest cooks to walk the earth. Perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but the fact is my grandmother is famous for her cooking. When my grandmother used to cook anyone within range of the aromas wafting from her kitchen would just show up at her door hoping to get samples of whatever she was cooking. Even if they had just eaten they still wanted my grandma's food. Well, she may not cook as much as she used to, however, even at her advanced age my grandmother can still make delicious dishes that would rival the most sought after chefs.

My Grandmother; perhaps due to her half Italian blood, loved to feed people. Even though she has always been fit and svelte she always appreciated a good appetite. I loved that she loved to feed me and enjoyed my rather copious appetite.

Well, this week I have been staying with my grandmother and I noticed that things have changed. She no longer gets a kick out of watching me consume large portions of food. Now I am met with "oh my you are going up for more?" and can you believe she has actually hidden cookies from me? This is not the grandmother I remember.

Perhaps it is because I no longer have the metabolism of my youth that those around me; including my grandmother, recognize that gone are my days of eating with abandonment. I now have to watch what I eat as well as incorporate exercise into my schedule.  Because the reality is,  I really do prefer to be fit.

Last spring I had lost ten pounds by doing just that, I not only attribute my weight loss to diet exercise but to the ShaToBu Body Shaper. If your not familiar, ShaToBu is a body shaper with added benefits.

 ShaToBu Body Shapers have resistance bands strategically placed in the garment that enables you to engage more muscles while providing resistance. The results: ShaToBu is clinically proven to burn 12% extra calories if worn daily.

Last spring and through the summer I averaged 10 hours a day in ShaToBu. It's comfortable, holds you in without giving you that typical box shape.  I need all the help I can get and I noticed even when my diet was slacked I was able to maintain my summer weight.

Now the folks at ShaToBu have a new product called Shapercise. Shapercise is more of an underwear body shaper but with all the same benefits of ShaTobu.

Shapercise is also created by Dr. Denise Perron and has the same patented technology as ShaToBu, meaning you won't find anything comparable on the market.

Shapercise isn't confining, but rather very comfortable. Patented technology wicks away moisture so they stay dry throughout the day. These are also fantastic to work out in.

I think Shapercise is a wonderful product. To start getting back in shape or to have a sleeker silhouette visit  Also check out their Store Locator to find a local distributor.

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