Thursday, September 22, 2016

Facts About Laser Skin Care and Anti-Aging Procedures

Guest post from JvPartnersNow:

Chances are pretty good that you know someone who's had an aesthetic laser procedure done to reduce the signs of aging.  What's more, you could visibly see the difference when you look at them.  Laser treatments have become extremely popular for that reason - fast, noticeable results.  But what do you actually know about them?  If all you've heard are rumors or stories retold from one person to the next, what you are “learning” may not be actual facts.  Here's some information to give you the facts about lasers and skin care for anti-aging.

What Exactly is a Laser?

When you hear the term “laser”, does it make you think of the machines in science labs that cut through sheets of steel?  Those lasers are not the same as cosmetic lasers.  For one, skin care lasers are far less intense than those used in science labs.  Depending on the laser design, cosmetic lasers use light or heat to apply their energy to the skin.  Some heat the cells in the dermis, or lower layer of skin while other laser devices are applied to the surface of the skin.  There are many different aesthetic lasers, depending on the treatment for which they are intended.

Which Laser do I Need?

Lasers can be used in many anti-aging procedures such as wrinkle reduction, to reduce sagging skin, and to smooth dimpled skin.  Additional skin care treatments include scar reduction, tattoo removal, and pigmentation correction, to name a few.  The lasers themselves come in many brand names as well.  So how do you choose the right laser?  The answer is simple.  You don't.

Respectable cosmetic clinics and spas are staffed with certified technicians and medical personnel who are trained to understand the equipment they use.  They know what devices work best on each skin issue, what risks are involved, and what factors can alter the results.

Anti-Aging Serums vs. Lasers

With all the promises commercials and infomercials give that their product will erase years from your skin, it's easy to be tempted into trying them.  The problem is that they do not deliver on their promises.  Anti-Aging serums rarely work at reducing lines and wrinkles well enough to produce visible results.  Those that do must be used continuously, or your skin immediately returns to it's prior status of looking aged. 

Cosmetic lasers produce more immediate results that last far longer than any miracle cream when it comes to wrinkles and sagging skin.  Hair removal laser results last weeks longer than depilatory creams and can become permanent if the procedure is repeated in several sessions.  Also, no cream is going to remove scars or tattoos, no matter how much money you spend on it.

Other Anti-Aging Procedures

Lasers are not the only devices used at cosmetic clinics for skin care issues.  Ultherapy, for instance, uses ultrasound technology to tighten skin and remove wrinkles.  The major drawback to this is that it has only been approved for use on the face, neck and upper chest area.  Another type of treatment uses radio waves to treat the skin.  It not only is used to tighten skin sags and reduce wrinkles, but also works on active acne breakouts.

Are You Ready?

So now that you have some actual facts about skin care treatments and anti-aging procedures, you can make a more informed decision about what you want done.  Don't forget to talk to your primary skin care specialist to see what they might recommend.  If you think you're ready, remember to find a reputable clinic so you can be sure to get the right treatment for your skin care needs.

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