Monday, June 1, 2015

The Many Benefits of Pure Honey

Get ready for summer event continues with Savannah Bee Company

Honey is a natural sweetener that is superior to sugar for many reasons. Some of which include lower glycemic index.  Foods with high glycemic indexes are known to cause sugar crashes as well as over-eating.  Another plus: honey is naturally sweeter than sugar,  thus you don't need as much.  Honey contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It's also no secret that honey boasts medicinal properties.  Pretty impressive, right?

Here's the caveat:

In order to reap the full benefits of honey, it must be in its raw form, or unprocessed. 

Savannah Bee is a company that is actually motivated by quality of product and not profit. Their pure, raw honey is hand-harvested at the peek of blooming season,  not only does this ensure purity,  it also equates to a better tasting honey. 

Savannah Bee's award winning honey and personal care products receive
 recognition and high praises 

One thing Savannah Bee is not lacking is variety.  It's actually fascinating looking through the Artisanal, single-varietal honey as well as their every-day line of honeys, and reading what food and drink pairings work well together. 

Along with award winning honey, Savannah Bee also carries beauty and personal care items. Included are a handful of gluten-free products. 

Beeswax Heel Balm; Certified organic and gluten free

I had the opportunity to sample the Beeswax Heel Balm, which is completely gluten-free.  If your feet are anything like mine, that is rough and callused, then you will surely benefit from this highly moisturizing balm.

Savannah Bee provides full product ingredient disclosure on their site

The basic ingredients in the balm are sunflower oil, beeswax and coconut oil as well other intense moisturizing ingredients, it's all natural and free of any junk.  It works wonders. I've been using this all over my feet and my calluses have really softened, and that's within a short period of time. I really focused on the side of my big toes, which for some reason bear thick calluses.  The balms softened that area to the point where I'm now able to feel my toe through the callus.  Yeah, they were that bad.  This comes with a wide-mouth applicator for easy application.  For the quality, the affordable price of less than $15 can't be beat.

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