Thursday, July 10, 2014

Love Your Cat With These Top Rated Products

Welcome to the Love Your Cat Event

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I recently read an article that featured the many splurges cat owners endow on their cats.  These "splurges" serve no purpose other than humoring the cat parent. We have all been there I'm sure. Excitedly bringing something home for our feline companions to basically watch them yawn and walk away in utter boredom. This is why in a world full of products targeted to the overindulgent cat parent, discrimination is needed. Since I love indulging my Nicky, I wanted to share a few products that I found to be essential to my cat and myself included.

  What they really need and desire..

  A nice spacious clean litter box Cat's do appreciate a nice litter box, and so do we.  I've recently added a second litter box for my one cat and it has made my life a little easier and my cat happier.  Even a small condo can fit a litter box in a bedroom or living room and one in the bathroom.  If that's not the case, the litter boxes presented offer high functionality and look fantastic.
Kitty A Go Go available in six styles
Kitty A Go Go introduced their stylish litter boxes to the world, and the litter box industry hasn't quite been the same.   Big enough for kitty, yet small enough to fit any space, think of that empty nook or that space under the sink.   Very sturdy boxes that are made to last and I found my cat stayed in there longer than necessary. Hmm guess he likes the atmosphere.

Visit Kitty A Go-Go

Find Kitty A Go-Go on Amazon

Hidden Litter box by Good Pet Stuff

The Hidden Litter Box by Good Pet Stuff  is sweet. I love adding greenery to rooms.  This potted plant doubles as litter box, making it the perfect solution for both small and large areas.  At the moment I have this located in a small bedroom corner and it looks lovely.  The cat loves the space and I love that it's easy to clean.  Good Pet Stuff designed this so that a real plant can be used instead of the faux plant, if so desired.

  Visit Good Pet Stuff

Find the Hidden Litter Box on Amazon for only $59.99

Litter Loo by New Age Pet
Keep litter box hidden with this functional piece of furniture. The Litter Loo by New Age Pet is comprised of a moisture resistant, eco-friendly material that will withstand the test of time.  Unlike its wooden competitors the Litter Loo easily wipes clean and will last forever.  I would put this in the main bathroom and use the table for added storage. Available in two hues.

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Find Litter Loo on Amazon

Simple Solutions Cat Litter
Simple Solution wanted to make it easy for cat parents to care for their cats so they developed a solution to smelly cat litter.  Their litter is made from super absorbent clay that absolves the need to scoop urine and brilliantly absorbs odor. I've been using this litter for well over a month and it's lasting me longer than expected, most likely because a 15 lb box is a two month supply.  I love its low maintenance, and the cat likes that the litter box stays nice and fresh, even if I fall behind on cleanings.

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  A quiet perch to call their own
Cat Scratcher Lounge by Pet Fusion
Kudos to Pet Fusion for designing this heavy duty cat lounger that doubles as a scratcher.  Anything closely resembling this Cat Scratcher Lounge is usually priced at a premium, not the case here, because Pet Fusion made this durable cat lounge very affordable.  My cat loves this!  A bonus: looks great in any room.

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Doggie getting into kitty's food?  No Worries.  Feed Safe protects cat's food from unwelcome predators, even if the predator is a beloved family dog.  Another benefit: keeps floor free from messy kibble or water spills.

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 There ya have it.  My selection of top products to spoil kitty while making your life just a little easier.

  Test samples may of been provided, most likely per my request or based on experience with product featured, no other compensation was provided and review is based on my personal opinion.



  1. I cats would LOVE all of

  2. I don't tweet, but love listening to the birds. This is a wonderful gift. My cat and I would love it. Everything here is so nice and unique. I know the winner will be thrilled.

  3. My cat would really love the cat lounger!

  4. I love the good stuff hidden litter box. What I like about my cats is that they are all so sweet and sociable. They love everybody :)

  5. i think these items will make our house seem less smelly and it will intellectually stimulate the cat

  6. Our cars are 16 year old litter mates we have had since they were 3 weeks old. A litter of four kittens were dropped off on out college campus. 8 bottle fed them and when old enough, two were adopted to a friend, and we kept two.

  7. Hidden litter box with fresh grasses growing on top would make my kitty so happy!

  8. One of my favorite products was the hidden litter box. Maybe the plant on top could be seasonal. Also, was amazed with the resting spot that looked like an infinity symbol -Cat Scratcher Lounge by Pet Fusion.

  9. I just love the hidden litter boxes. We live in an apartment and there are no good places for our kitty's box. Right now it's in a closet, stinking up clothes. WWhich brings me to another thing I like - the litter! I've tried many brands and they all end up stinky after 2 or 3 days - even if I scoop several times a day. Sure hope this one works, I'll look for it next time I'm litter shopping! LOL

  10. I have two cats, and we would benefit so much from these products! Their Turboscratcher is looking pretty ragged these days, so a scratcher/lounge combo would be amazing! Plus, we've got a Great Dane in the house, so there really isn't anywhere convenient to put the cat food that she can't easily get to. We also have a pretty small house, so a hidden litter box is always a good idea :)

  11. I love the hidden litter boxes, my cats would enjoy having one in a room that I wouldn't normally have it in!

  12. I love that it would make my kitty happy!

  13. These products are so awesome and more than anything I could afford for my kitties. They would sure have a heyday on these.

  14. I especially like the Cat Scratcher Lounge. I think my little scamp would enjoy it.

  15. I love the good stuff hidden litter box!

  16. I have 2 cats that would love for me to win this prize. It would be nice to hide the litter box.


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