Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Fashion Event; What You'll Need To Shine This Summer

Summer fashion event is brought to you by My Magnificent Obsession, The Consumer Adviser and   Ramblings of MaMa

I have this friend, you know the type, tall, stunning, the one that garners admiring glances everywhere they go.  This friend had a huge impact on me and my own developing style.  This is because, along with her statuesque elegance, she was blessed with impeccable taste.  The word that comes to mind is classy.  Not overdone, just classic and strikingly pulled together. Over the years I've found myself taking cues from her style, not that I've always succeeded in this arena. This Summer Fashion Event is inspired from her effortless, yet flawless style.

  Start by having the right accessories.

  The perfect bag

I accompanied my friend more than once to the Stone Mountain store where I had the opportunity to watch her painstakingly pick out a new handbag for the year.  In all her experience she found Stone Mountain to be exceptional.  I became an instant fan of these gorgeous and rich looking handbags.   The reason for annually replacing her handbag was not out of need, these bags last forever, but out of a desire for something new; It's a girl thing. She never gave me her old Stone Mountain bags, she wisely kept them for future use, savvy woman.

  Stone Mountain uses quality leather and top craftsmanship to create their line of timeless handbags. 

Stone Mountain bags are still exceptional. Where quality and craftsmanship is concerned, Stone Mountain bags go above and beyond a designer label. Yet, they are affordable. There's simply no better bag for the price.  Their bags are perfect all year, but the soft buttery, lightweight leather makes them a must for the summer.

  Looking For Stone Mountain bags? 

 For more information visit Stone Mountain Handbags and

  The Perfect Summer Sandal 

I would be remiss if I failed to endorse a brand of shoe that didn't offer high comfort along with fashionable styles. Before I discovered NAOT Footwear I had my heart set on another brand of footwear, one that offered comfort, but very little in regard to a stylish selection.   NAOT on the other hand, wins in all categories.  I was over the moon when I discovered these highly rated shoes.

NAOT shoes are designed to offer the wearer comfort at an orthopedic level, yet they're designed for the fashion forward consumer.   

NAOT shoes are uniquely designed for optimal comfort.  This is perfect because the increased activity that many of us experience in the summer calls for comfortable shoes.  The wrong shoes can really kill otherwise fun activities such as dancing or site seeing.  In addition to high comfort, Naot offers a plethora of gorgeous styles.  I absolutely adore these shoes.  Shoes that offer this level of comfort tend to lack in style and femininity, this is something I sacrificed for far too long. Not anymore.  Naot also scores high in durability. These are the shoes to have this summer. Available styles for both men and women.

  Looking for Naot?

  For more info visit or Amazon Naot Store

  The Perfect Everywhere Shoe 

My Naot shoes may be durable, but I'm not wearing them on the beach, poolside or any other summer sport activity.  I find Bokos shoes fill this much needed void.

Bokos are water resistant and the material naturally repels odors. I found Bokos to be superior from other similarly made shoes.  It may be due to the one piece design or that they're made using a non-porous rubber.  I'm not sure, but they're far more comfortable than comparable shoes.  They're also sleeker, so they look much nicer on the feet.  These durable and easy to wash shoes are ideal to wear on the beach, poolside, biking or any other summer sporting activity. Bokos are available for both men and women and offer pretty color choices.

  Looking for Bokos?

You can find them at
Find Bokos at


  1. This is an awesome giveaway! I love the Boko's Sandals. I can't wear traditional flip flops. I Never could stand anything between my toes. The Boko"s will work fine for me and I need a pair of everyday sandals for this Summer.Going barefoot is too hard for me! Lol! Have a nice Day! :0)~~

  2. I like the Stone Mountain Purses as they are so beautiful and timeless.

  3. I am starting a new homeschool group and it would be nice to look fresh for the new year.

  4. Those Stone Mountain USA bags are gorgeous! In high school, I was a super skinny girl and then I got pregnant--six years ago--and I gained a ton of weight and I've been pretty disgusted with myself since then. This summer, I bought my first pair of shorts since I got pregnant and my goal is to wear them at least three times this summer.

  5. These sandals look comfortable and stylish I would love to have them to take on vacation as they look comfortable for lots of walking!

  6. The shoes look great for the garden or pool!

  7. I find the sandals beautiful and I would love to own a pair :)

  8. I like the Stone Mountain Purses They are very stylish looking!

  9. I love the classy look of the shoes and purse and while I do not dress up a lot I know there are those occasions when I want to rock it and this would be great for that
    [email protected]

  10. I need some new sandals for on vacation. I want something comfy since we will be out and about walking but lets face it they have to be stylish too.

  11. I only wear comfortable flat shoes or sandals so all of these are so cute. Love to wear them at the beach on vacation too.

  12. i'm planning on some kind of outdoor trip with the family, maybe the beach or some kind of camp ground.

  13. I like the Stone Mountain Purses - need an office purse that is stylish.

  14. Really like the stylish comfy look of the shoes .....

  15. Love shoes that are cute but also practical!

  16. I hadn't heard of Bokos before but I love the variety in colours and the style. I think that my DH would like them and that's saying a lot!

    Thanks for making this giveaway open to Canadians and for posting this giveaway to my weekly giveaway linky (

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  17. The purses are stunning! I'm most looking forward to wearing lots of flip flops and shorts this summer. And a few of the maxi dresses I've got!


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