Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Solar Cooking; The Wave Of The Future

Utilizing solar energy is surely a step forward for the world of mankind.  After all, don't we all desire a healthier planet?  Solar energy is more than just better for the environment, its free.  Unfortunately those solar panels that are required to generate energy for our homes are not free.  They are quite expensive and many will probably not see a return on their investment.   There are, however,  smaller methods of putting this natural resource to use.  One of my faves is solar cooking.

I personally feel that every household should have a solar cooker of some type.   They're nice to have on hand for power outages, but they can also be a useful tool.  I've recently did a little research and discovered how many folks are enjoying using solar cooking in just every day life.

Cantinwest specializes in solar cookers.  They offer a vast supply of solar cookers as well as a wealth of valuable information into the world of solar cooking and its many benefits.   

What I really like about solar cooking

Healthier and better tasting food.  Cooking food slowly at lower temperatures retains foods nutrients and flavor.   Another favorite aspect: It's simple. That's right, there's very little prep time and because food holds on to its natural flavor it taste better. That means that even a novice cook like myself can prepare delicious meals.   

Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker.  The panels fold for easy transporability

The Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker pictured above is just the right size for easy transportability.    So its ideal for family outings.  This cooker will hold four quarts, so it can easily prepare substantial meals for family and friends.  It appears that the sky is the limit in regard to the varied dishes that can be made in this Hot Pot Cooker. 

Bye Bye Crock Pot

I love the idea of using Hot Pot Solar Cooker instead of a crock pot. Easy prep and delicious meals prepared and ready after a long day at work.  

The downside to the Hot Pot Solar cooker:  If you are like me and live in the north, you will find its best used in mid, to late February to November.  The low sun in the winter make use difficult.    

Over all I think this is a great cooker to have on hand.   

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