Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gift Soaps With A Purpose

The other day I noticed a charming little ribboned box at my grandmother's house.  The box smelled to high heaven.  Out of curiosity I removed the ribbon and saw two tiny decorative soaps.  Too small to use, even so, the ingredients were harsh and would be incredibly drying to the skin.  So what exactly was the purpose of these soaps?  Other than the novelty of receiving a cute box and ribbon I can't think of anything other than collecting dust.

  Decorative soaps with a purpose

 I'm all about giving soap as gifts.  They offer a combination of luxury and practicality.  There is a caveat: soaps should be usable and of good quality.  In a sea of unusable decorative soaps I found a fantastic site that offers top quality bar soaps with an aesthetic appeal.

Many of you may already be familiar with Australian Natural Soap. Australian Natural Soap, LLC, have been in the natural soap industry for over twenty years, supplying both New Zealand and Australian markets as well as high end private labels throughout Europe.  These Australian-made soaps are now available to the public worldwide.

  What makes these soaps so amazing?

All you have to do is look at the list of ingredients. No junk just the right combination of natural ingredients such as certified organic shea butter and natural botanicals.  The soaps are available in both vegetarian and vegan formulations.  So there is no animal fat!   Just simple, pure ingredients.

Australian Natural Soaps offers a varied selection such as gift soaps, wedding favors and the option to by in bulk. I was sent a few to review.  They weren't labeled, but I'm guessing I was sent the Gardener's Craft Soap in Honeysuckle and the Almond.  All are lovely and refreshing. Because these soaps are comprised of natural oils they will not dry out your skin by any means.  They're a joy to use and make the mundane task of showering far more enjoyable. My favorite feature is the value.

Another feature that ensures the consumer will get more bang for their buck is that these soaps are french milled.  This is a process that ensures a higher quality soap, one that is creamier and lathers more quickly.  This results in longer lasting soap.

You can purchase the 3.5 oz craft soaps in ten count bulk for only thirty one dollars.  Oh, but better yet, you also have the option to purchase in a seventy two count carton for only one hundred and forty four dollars.  This translates to only two dollars per soap.   For a soap of this quality that's quite remarkable. All that and they ain't too shabby to look at.  You can learn more about these natural soaps by visiting

Jerry from Jerri1962's Blog says "The Soaps Smell Wonderful and Are Beautiful in Color they are 3 Ounces Each. The Soaps are Shipped Very Quickly and Arrive Nicely and Tightly Double Packed in this brown cardboard box.... I Started with The Gardenia and Its Very True The Soaps are Hard and Last Long and they Smell Great.."
Australian Natural Soaps



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