Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glass Handbag Offers Designer Handbags with Functionality

Glass Handbag offers the most stunning handbags! they're a fashionsta's dream yet they offer a modern convience that propels them from being just an ordinary designer handbag to one that offers function and practicality.

A handbag with lighted interior, how genius is that?!  The creative mind behind this patented feature is renowned fashion photographer Tamera Leuty.  Glass Handbag features on point and on trend designs that offer convenience. If you're one of those people that find yourself searching aimlessly in your bag one too many times then you will surely appreciate these stylish handbags.

To learn more visit

Wait there's more.  Myself and a few other bloggers will be hosting a Glass Handbag event and offering a giveaway of winner's choice of leather handbag from Glass Handbag.  A retail value up to $900!

This event will be on or around the 9/ stay tuned!!

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