Monday, January 9, 2012

A Beautiful Gift for My Grandmother From Ezistock

I recently discovered  This site features very talented artist and artisans from Thailand.  They have a beautiful selection of handcrafted jewelry, decor and so many unique gifts.

I received the beautiful Marcasite and silver heart necklace from Ezistock pictured below.  I wanted this for my grandmother, but I have to admit I was tempted to keep this for myself.  It is truly lovely and very feminine.  The last two weeks my grandmother has been really sick and I wanted to give her something truly special.  She loved the necklace and was super excited when I gave it to her today.

I also received this gorgeous hand painted lacquered box:

Can you believe the price of this box is only $11.85?! At the moment I'm admiring it on my desk, but it will soon adorn the shelf in the kitchen.

I'm absolutely thrilled to have found such unique gifts at such great prices.


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