Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lindo Twist-n-Roll Tweezers Review

I kinda run the gamut when it comes to hair removal. Sadly, at the moment I can't afford laser and I refuse to shave because its really important to me to remove the hair at the root, as opposed to going through the hassle of shaving once or twice a week.     I personally found that removing the hair at the root slows hair growth considerably and the hair grows back finer.  Waxing and epilators are ideal for the body but not so much for the face.

Twist-n-Roll Tweezers by Lindo is inspired by a hair removal technique used in Asia called Hair Threading.  Hair threading removes the hair at the root using a thread.

Twist-n-Roll tweezers also remove the hair at the root, and unlike waxing will not irritate your skin.  Hair threading may require a bit of skill, however, Twist-n-Roll is super easy to use and requires no skill.  And is also hygienic.

I used this on my upper lip, it was quick and easy and did not irritate my skin.  Unlike waxing you can leave the house immediately after your finished.  There is also less pain, it may sting a little, but it's very tolerable.

You can purchase Twist-n-Roll Tweezers at  for a sale price of $14.99(AVR $17.99), I think this is a great price for a wise investment.
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  1. That's pretty nifty! Never heard of this before. looks cool. Glad you shared this product with us.

  2. I've had my eyebrows threaded before. I would say it hurt just as much as waxing, but different since it hurt while it was being done and when it was over there was no more pain, unlike waxing. And I loved how there was no puffy redness either. I didn't like that it seemed to only last 3 weeks. $15 is an awesom price by comparison.


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