Monday, September 1, 2014

Propet Rejuve; Orthopedic Shoes Never Looked So Good

American Podiatric Medical Association has noted that three out of four people will develop debilitating foot pain at some point in their life.  So the question is: what can we do to prevent foot problems or how can we alleviate existing foot pain.

Rejuve footwear encourages a proper gait

Rejuve footwear by Propet is expertly engineered to provide proper support that encourages correct foot and leg alignment.  Fantastic for those that already suffer with foot pain, bunions, or other foot-related problems.  Also a great option for those folks that, like myself,  prefer to be comfortable while preventing future foot issues.

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Who said you have to sacrifice beauty for comfort?

Some of the styles above caught my eye.  As you can see the styles run the gamut of casual to dressy. Another plus: Propet shoes will not break your budget.  Their prices are beyond competitive to say the least.  My mom has paid quite a bit more for shoes that didn't deliver the same level of comfort, support and relief.  Want to learn more?


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  1. These are so stylish! I have problem feet, and it is hard to find stylish shoes, especially sandals.


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